Southwark Park Association 1869 is a voluntary community organisation, founded on 18th July 2018. Our principal aims are to promote and protect Southwark Park and King’s Stairs Gardens for the benefit of the public, by working in partnership with local authorities, other democratic organisations and individuals. The Association is a strictly non-party political organisation. You may view our Constitution here. Our latest Annual Report may be viewed here.

Office Holders
Our Management Committee runs the day-to-day affairs of the group on behalf of the members, and meets not less than six times a year. The current Committee consists of Ballers Academy (co-opted), Dave Fisher, Gary Glover, Marjorie Hill (Assistant Treasurer), Pat Kingwell (Secretary), Denis McMillan (co-opted), Gary Magold, Barry Marsh, Benita Meli (Deputy Chair), Pam Miller (Treasurer), Ann Smith (Chair), Marta Prieto (Projects Officer), Amanda Squires (co-opted), Sarah Vaughan (co-opted), Flavia Malim (co-opted) and Simon Wilks (co-opted).

We are proud to have the support of Jenny Bianco; Neil Coyle M.P.; Travis Elborough; Mary Gibson; and Rt. Hon. Sir Simon Hughes.